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How coworking spaces help overcome hybrid work challenges

How coworking spaces help overcome hybrid work challenges

Oct 27, 2023

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While experts espouse the positive aspects of hybrid work as an ideal solution to workplace flexibility, the transition to a hybrid work setting can be quite challenging

It’s just not as simple as having teams spend a few days in the office and a few days at home. And while the “mix and match” approach can offer myriad benefits, like productivity, flexibility, and work-life balance, there are many hybrid work challenges that companies face, including collaboration, communication, managing split teams, and workplace culture, just to name a few. Hybrid work is also not just one way of working, but rather, can result in various different approaches depending on the size of the company, its mission, and the location of its employees, along with other factors. 

“Hybrid working isn’t one-size-fits-all – every organization will have its own reasons for embracing hybrid working and deciding what it means for them and their employees.” Workplace by Meta

One way that companies are addressing these hybrid work challenges is by tapping into on-demand coworking spaces to help. They offer several advantages for hybrid-first companies. 

5 ways coworking spaces help overcome hybrid work challenges

Streamline collaboration & connection: On-demand coworking spaces help foster collaboration and connection, not just with team members located in the same place, but also with other professionals from other fields. Employees can interact with professionals from a variety of industries, potentially leading to valuable connections. 

Cost savings: Even though capacity has been down, the cost of real estate is still going up. Companies should analyze their office space utilization to see if a coworking space—either one or several across the country (or even, the world)—can serve as a replacement for a company headquarters or other office locations. 

Access to office amenities: Because coworking spaces often offer office amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printers, and office supplies, as well as meeting rooms and phone booths (for privacy), they can be a viable replacement for a full-time company office space. However, hybrid employees will appreciate access to these spaces on their “out-of-office” days to help with productivity and work-life balance. 

As Shai Card, Head of Memberships and Insights, Luminary shared with us in a recent interview, “By utilizing places like Luminary, and offering employees the freedom of choice to work outside their homes and beyond traditional office spaces, they’re fostering that work-life balance that everyone craves. For example, we have companies that acknowledge that some of their employees want a full week in-office while others may only want one day a week (or even less) – this results in a group that all uses the same ‘office’ space but on their own individual terms.”

Scalability and geographic expansion: One of the benefits of coworking spaces is that they’re scalable, allowing companies to easily accommodate an increasing or decreasing number of employees who need physical office access within a budget. And, for companies who might be looking to expand into new regions or markets, coworking spaces can provide a cost-effective way to establish a local presence.

Workplace culture and employee engagement: Even though hybrid employees will have some in-office time, it can be challenging to maintain consistent employee engagement and a positive workplace culture when employees are not in the same place together all the time. By giving employees an alternative place to meet or the opportunity to connect with their colleagues (either within the company or from other businesses), companies can foster engagement and job satisfaction, which can then lead to increased retention and morale. 

Flexspace helps companies make the hybrid work transition a whole lot easier by offering streamlined access to on-demand coworking spaces all over the world, along with a simple employee booking process, not to mention budget management and analytics. Connect with one of our team members to learn more about Flexspace can make adopting a hybrid-first approach successful for your company. 

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