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Integrating technology in the coworking sector

Integrating technology in the coworking sector

Feb 7, 2024

1 min read

Flexspace News

In a recent episode of the GCUC podcast, Flexspace CEO Eyal Lasker chatted with host Liz Elam about integrating technology into the coworking sector through Flexspace. Fueled by a dedicated passion for uniting technology and community, Eyal shares his commitment to propelling advancements with smart pricing engines and prioritizing e-commerce overlays for emerging flexible workspace markets.

During this discussion, Eyal touches on myriad topics, including the role of AI in coworking, how “the office” is changing and what it looks like in the future, as well as how Flexspace’s eCommerce revenue platform and Flexspace® Dynamic Pricing is changing the way coworking operators are doing business.

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