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The importance of recognition as part of your company’s workplace culture

The importance of recognition as part of your company’s workplace culture

Jul 5, 2023

4 mins read

Employee Experience

When employees feel valued as part of their workplace culture, it can increase company loyalty, productivity, and engagement. One way to show employees their value is through a recognition program, but, according to Great Place to Work, “great companies go further, constantly reevaluating the ways they reward employees and considering the role recognition plays in their company culture.” 

When you recognize employees, they understand that they’re valued and that they’re not invisible, which is especially important for remote work employees who are not physically in the office for their work to be seen and acknowledged in traditional ways. 

When it comes to employee recognition, Great Place to Work recommends that employers make employee recognition “integral to your workplace culture can be achieved through meaningful and intentional practices.”

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why it’s important to include intentional remote employee recognition in your company’s workplace culture.

Support employee retention and company loyalty: Remote work offers employees flexibility, which means they may have more options when it comes to job opportunities because they can work from anywhere. In order to keep your current team and increase their company loyalty, you need to recognize their efforts. Recognition is directly related to loyalty, and if they’re feeling appreciated, they’re going to be less likely to seek employment elsewhere. 

Encourage motivation and morale: When employees are recognized and appreciated for their hard work, it can instantly boost their morale and increase their motivation to continue doing a great job. Due to the isolation that many remote workers experience along with the lack of in-person interactions, they may miss out on the immediate feedback on their work that was perhaps received in an office setting. Recognizing their work encourages employees to stay motivated and perform their best.

Promote excellence and productivity: When you consistently and intentionally recognize exceptional work from your remote employees, you instantly establish a culture of excellence and improvement. Employees who are recognized for positive contributions at work are more likely to strive for high levels of achievement and standards for themselves and their team. And that is good for the company as a whole. 

Build a sense of belonging: In a remote work environment, it’s more important than ever to foster a sense of belonging and connection among employees. When you take the time and energy to thoughtfully and personally recognize your employees’ accomplishments in a public way, you establish a culture of inclusivity, which means you help create stronger bonds between team members who are often located far away from each other. That’s no easy feat! 

Support well-being and mental health: In recent studies, research found that remote workers are experiencing high levels of stress and loneliness. This can, in part, be from a lack of feedback, not to mention, a lack of connection with their team. Positive recognition and awards can support an employee’s overall well-being and mental health by boosting their confidence. 

As you can see, recognition has many positive benefits when it comes to a company’s workplace culture. But specifically, for remote teams, it’s an extremely powerful tool and one that’s essential to an employee’s positive experience. When you acknowledge the work of your team members in an intentional, sincere way, you cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment that your employees are happy to be a part of every day.