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Why companies should create on-demand coworking benefits for remote employees

Why companies should create on-demand coworking benefits for remote employees

May 8, 2023

5 mins read

Employee Experience

For many people, the workplace looks very different than it did a few years ago. While some individuals may have already been working from home, there are a number who came to remote work due to the pandemic. And based on the number of companies moving to a remote-first working environment, there will be many more to come. 

When it comes to hiring great talent, benefits have always been a way to differentiate your workplace culture. And they can show what you as a company value. For example, offering health and wellness benefits, like a gym membership or access to mental health support, can show employees that you prioritize their overall well-being. It can also show that you’re concerned about equity, so that employees, no matter where they are located, can thrive. For some companies, that could be everything from parental leave to flexible work hours, and various other opportunities in between. 

Some of these benefits were limited to in-office environments, but for remote-first companies, it will be important to consider what is most valuable to a distributed team. Here’s why, along with health, continuing education, and home office support (just to name a few), you should consider offering on-demand coworking benefits. 

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1. Coworking spaces can support professional growth.

Coworking spaces offer an environment that is professional in nature, with access to meetings and conference rooms, as well as event spaces and recording booths. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals in a familiar setting. 

2. Coworking spaces can help combat loneliness. 

With recent studies pointing to the challenges remote work can present on mental health, companies need to consider ways to help provide support. Coworking spaces allow individuals to connect, both personally and professionally and can inspire collaboration. 

3. Coworking spaces can help with the transition from an in-office to a remote environment.

For individuals who have been working in a physical office for their entire career, switching to a remote work setting can be quite challenging. It’s not as simple as just “working from home.” Offering the option of using an on-demand coworking space means that individuals can have a place that feels more like they’re going to an office—on a daily or weekly basis—which can help them adjust to the big change in their professional life.

4. Coworking spaces can help support productivity and work-life balance.

Having a place to go that can be mostly distraction-free can help individuals be more productive in their work, and provide them with a sense of work-life balance. Working from a home office can be difficult, especially for individuals with families, so having a space that they can tap into on an on-demand basis could be paramount to their overall success, for themselves and for the company. 

Offering on-demand coworking benefits to your employees could be the difference between attracting the highest level of talent for your open position, and keeping your existing talent. While membership-based coworking spaces have been an option, it’s easier than ever to offer the option of on-demand coworking spaces, especially through platforms like Flexspace, where you can book on-demand coworking spaces for daily or weekly work sessions. We help companies make offering coworking space benefits a viable, affordable option, by providing them and their employees with a free on-demand workspace booking platform that allows them to seamlessly book spaces, whether it’s for daily or weekly personal use, or for connecting with other team members or clients within a meeting or conference setting. And you’ll receive support in creating and managing your coworking spend budget, to help streamline your costs. 

Whether you’re transitioning to a remote-first work environment, or you’re looking for ways to provide support to your existing distributed workforce, on-demand coworking spaces are a modern employee benefit that can have a positive impact on your team.

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