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Why hybrid work employees can benefit from coworking spaces

Why hybrid work employees can benefit from coworking spaces

Mar 31, 2023

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For many years, freelancers and designers have reaped the benefits of coworking spaces. More recently, on-demand coworking space usage has increased dramatically by remote work employees who are full-time salaried employees who work from home. But it’s not just remote work employees who are utilizing coworking spaces and finding them beneficial to their overall success. Hybrid work employees are using them as well. 

Here’s what you need to know about the hybrid work model, and why coworking spaces are a viable option for employees who still work at their company’s office or headquarters a few days a week. 

What is a hybrid work model? 

We didn’t hear too much about hybrid work models prior to 2020, but since then, they’ve become especially popular, in particular as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many companies to adopt remote work policies. When companies started to return to work, many offered a hybrid model, where employees would split their time between working remotely and working from the company’s physical office. 

Hybrid work can take many different forms depending on the specific company and employee needs, and allows for greater flexibility and work-life balance for employees while still maintaining the benefits of in-person collaboration and teamwork.

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So, why do hybrid work employees need coworking spaces? 

If employees are already spending half of their time in an office, why would they want to go to another office, like a coworking space, to work? Let’s look at the benefits coworking spaces offer hybrid work employees to answer these important questions. 

  1. Access to a professional environment: Coworking spaces offer a professional environment that often include amenities that hybrid work employees might still need access to but are not available in their home. In particular, coworking spaces offer meeting and conference rooms, as well as event spaces, that are a huge perk.  
  2. Opportunity to socialize and network: Going from an in-office setting to a work at home setting can be jarring transitions. Coworking spaces offer a viable in-between, where hybrid work employees can still feel productive, but also find opportunities to connect with colleagues and the broader business community. 
  3. Flexibility is key: While hybrid employees can obtain a membership to a coworking space, these days, on-demand coworking spaces are becoming extremely popular. Employees can book a space whenever they need it, wherever they need it, without having to worry about the cost of a membership fee that will be charged no matter how much (or how little) they use it. Many companies are utilizing services like Flexspace to help remote work and hybrid work employees access on-demand coworking spaces, from desks to meeting rooms, even event spaces. This way, budgets are more easily tracked and managed, and the hybrid work employees don’t have to worry about submitting expense reports. 
  4. Location, location, location: Due to increased demand, coworking spaces are popping up everywhere, from suburban towns to big cities. Many of them are extremely accessible by public transportation, especially those in large city centers. Others are conveniently located so that hybrid work employees don’t necessarily have to drive the distance they would to their office, saving them time, energy, and money, in the long run. 

What used to be a benefit saved just for remote work employees, or an option for full-time freelancers or contractors is now a viable option for hybrid work employees who need a separate work space on the days they’re not in the office. In particular, on-demand flexible workspaces are becoming more popular, as hybrid employees want the flexibility of picking a space or meeting room when they need it, where they need it, without having to commit to a membership of some kind. Whether you’re already a hybrid work employee or you’re looking for a new position, ask your company about their on-demand coworking space benefits and accessibility. This option could be the deciding factor as to where you  continue your career. And if it’s not something your company is offering, take it upon yourself to ask.