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Flexspace presents…

Meet the Return-to-
"Office Whisperer"

Driving collaboration, innovation, and retention in “hybrid work”

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Live 'Fireside' Chat

With special guest Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, CEO, Disaster Avoidance Experts

Hosted by Eyal Lasker, CEO, Flexspace

12/12 at 2pm ET

As companies continue to issue “return-to-office” mandates and attempt to transition to hybrid settings, leaders are often still tied to traditional physical office-centric culture. This can lead to low workplace morale and high employee turnover, not to mention increased costs. 

Lauded as “Office Whisperer” and “Hybrid Expert” by The New York Times, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky helps leaders and their organizations adopt a hybrid-first culture so they can increase productivity and retention, as well as cut costs. 

Join Dr. Gleb, along with host Eyal Lasker, CEO, Flexspace as they discuss these topics, and more:

  • How can cognitive biases affect a company’s hybrid work success?
  • In what ways are return-to-work policies affecting employee retention?
  • What strategies can help companies make forward-thinking decisions?
  • How can companies use AI to assist in hybrid-first culture adoption?
Meet Gleb Tsipursky

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky was lauded as “Office Whisperer” and “Hybrid Expert” by The New York Times for helping leaders use hybrid work to improve retention and productivity while cutting costs. He serves as the CEO of the boutique future-of-work consultancy Disaster Avoidance Experts, which helps organizations adopt a hybrid-first culture, instead of incrementally improving on the traditional office-centric culture.

Meet Eyal Lasker

Eyal Lasker, CEO of Flexspace, is an entrepreneur and tech leader with over 15 years of experience. His innovative contributions include leading the product development for Uber Freight’s mobile app team, spearheading growth strategies at WeWork by developing new flexible memberships, and serving as a founding member in the consumer domain at Klarna. Eyal holds a BSc in Physics and Astronomy from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Reichman University.

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