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Flexspace presents…

Why Did We Fire
"The Office"?

A fireside chat about the future of what it means to “go to work”

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Live 'Fireside' Chat

Featuring Oded Gal, Former Chief Product Officer, Zoom

Hosted by Eyal Lasker, CEO, Flexspace

August 29, 2023 | 1pm ET

For the last decade, the concept of “going to work” has undergone a heavy shift. But in the last few years, this evolution feels more like a tailspin with many companies moving away from traditional office environments and finding themselves ill-prepared for the challenges that often arise from that transition. And with the implementation of generative AI to automate many of the routine tasks and workflows that used to be done at the office so workers can be freed up to focus on higher-level tasks, the office as we knew it may not actually exist.

As much as experts are more than willing to battle the pros and cons of flexible work, companies need solutions.

Special guest Oded Gal, Former Chief Product Officer at Zoom, is uniquely positioned to offer valuable insights into these changes. Along with host Eyal Lasker, CEO, Flexspace, they’ll discuss these questions and more:

  • What are the benefits of the flexible office?
  • What specific challenges have companies faced when they’ve fired their office?
  • How does this shift impact the future of work?
  • What impact will AI technologies have?
Meet Oded Gal

Oded Gal is an investor, advisor, and board member of startups building the future of work. He is currently an Independent Board Member for Neat, an LP and Advisor for R-Squared Ventures, and an Advisor for Flexspace. Oded was the Chief Product Officer at Zoom for seven years, helming product development and UI design from video conferencing software to a broad-based communications platform including conference room system, phone system, chat, contact center, and developer and partner ecosystems. Prior to Zoom, Oded held product leadership roles at BlueJeans and Cisco, and led business development for Radvision. Oded has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Meet Eyal Lasker

Eyal Lasker, CEO of Flexspace, is an entrepreneur and tech leader with over 15 years of experience. His innovative contributions include leading the product development for Uber Freight’s mobile app team, spearheading growth strategies at WeWork by developing new flexible memberships, and serving as a founding member in the consumer domain at Klarna. Eyal holds a BSc in Physics and Astronomy from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Reichman University.

Join Oded Gal and Eyal Lasker for this fireside chat

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