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E-commerce and coworking: Bringing your coworking space online

E-commerce and coworking: Bringing your coworking space online

Jun 28, 2024

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The convergence of e-commerce and coworking is creating exciting new revenue channels for coworking space operators from already-existing opportunities that are being maximized to their fullest potential. 

According to data, 39% of e-commerce bookings are for same-day spaces, with many secured even before locations open for the day. Additionally, 11% of bookings occur during weekends for weekday bookings, illustrating how customers proactively plan for weekday engagements.

This means a staggering 50% of bookings could have been missed without an e-commerce revenue platform. 50%! 

Considering how many industries have been transformed by offering convenient and efficient online booking, it’s probably no surprise that coworking spaces would receive positive benefits as well. 

With that in mind, here are 5 points to consider when deciding whether to bring your coworking space booking online. 

Streamlining operations 

Many coworking spaces require a phone call or email for booking purposes, which requires staffing. With an e-commerce revenue platform, bookings can easily be managed online, which helps automate the processes and reduce the administrative workload. This allows coworking space staff to focus on enhancing their customers’ overall experience versus spending time on the phone or email booking spaces. 

Enhancing the customer experience 

With an e-commerce revenue platform, customers can book a space whenever they want, wherever they are, with just a couple of clicks, and no sending emails or leaving phone messages, then having to wait for a response. In a world where packages can arrive on the same day they’re ordered and food can be delivered in a matter of minutes, the immediacy of booking online meets the needs of today’s tech-savvy customers. An online booking system works 24/7, accommodating potential customers in different time zones or with varying work schedules. 

Accessing data insights and analytics 

When you decide to implement an e-commerce revenue platform, you’re also getting access to valuable data insights that can help you understand everything from customer preferences to peak booking times, as well as the most popular spaces or on-demand offerings. This data can then help inform the decisions you make about your business. Without access to these data insights and analytics, you have no way to track your progress and make adjustments to your business. 

Allowing for business scalability 

Bringing your coworking space online allows for the ability to scale your business to its highest potential. Whether you’re considering the idea of more locations or just expanding the services or space offerings at your existing space, having an e-commerce revenue platform can help you build and grow your business. 

Increasing revenue 

With Flexspace’s e-commerce revenue platform, coworking spaces like Werqwise saw an 850% increase in revenue quarter over quarter, in part due to the dynamic pricing strategy that is included in Flexspace’s platform. Additionally, they saw a 960% increase in meeting room bookings, quarter over quarter. 

While Flexspace offers technology to support online bookings, their customers have access to expert-driven revenue management strategy, which includes dynamic pricing. This approach has helped businesses do the one thing that matters most to remain competitive in the market: increase revenue. 

Flexspace’s experienced team of experts can help launch your e-commerce platform and leverage revenue management strategy to help meet your business goals.

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