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How flexible workspaces can help build stronger teams

How flexible workspaces can help build stronger teams

Feb 29, 2024

5 mins read

Employee Experience

Bringing in the best talent while retaining top employees is important for companies to remain competitive in this ever-evolving global market. 

Many companies that are moving toward remote or hybrid work settings are tapping into the power of flexible workspaces to help connect their employees and foster a positive employee experience

Whether it’s an added benefit to employees or a replacement for a company’s physical office space (or headquarters), flexible workspaces are a viable option for companies that need to build stronger teams and provide a sense of community for their distributed employees. 

From coworking spaces to hot desks, as well as dedicated desks and conference rooms, here’s how flexible workspaces can have a positive impact on team dynamics. 

1. Remote work integration

These days, most flexible workspaces are equipped with top conferencing technology that is made to help bring remote teams together with their in-office colleagues in a seamless and streamlined way. For companies that are unable to overhaul their own offices, using flexible workspaces as an alternative can be a cost-effective alternative. Since teams often have different schedules or different settings (some remote, some hybrid), video conferencing technology is key to effective collaboration. 

2. Building a sense of community 

As Ashley Casey, Global Assistant Director of Workplace Experience & Operations, Shutterstock, mentioned recently, happy employees are productive employees. But building a sense of community for teams that are spread out all over the globe can be quite a challenge. But that’s where flexible workspaces can do that job for you. With locations all over the world and a myriad amenities to suit the variety of interests and needs of your teams, flexible workspaces can act as community hubs so that your teams can feel connected and the company as a whole. From hosting events to daily in-person meetings for colleagues, flexible workspaces are ideal when it comes to creating connections. 

3. Cost-effectiveness and space optimization 

Many companies are taking a hard look at their bottom line, and realizing that their spend on expensive rents or mortgages for office buildings that are not being properly utilized could be better allocated to flexible workspaces. With pay-as-you-go type offerings, flexible workspaces are a way for companies to cut back on their real estate costs, while still offering an in-office experience for their employees. With return-to-office policies bringing employees back for collaborative work (versus individual work they can do from home), flexible workspaces are already optimized for those specific needs. 

4. Flexibility and adaptability based on team needs 

In this ever-changing business landscape, the needs of employees are changing rapidly too. Some teams might require in-person meeting space for a six-week project, and then not need anything until their next project is launched. Or, a company might need to have their remote team members working at hot desks within proximity for a certain time. Flexible workspaces are inherently flexible (hence the name), offering companies the ability to pivot and innovate based on their specific needs in real-time. 

5. The best parts of being “at the office” 

Recent studies have shown that remote employees are experiencing loneliness and disconnection from their team members and the company. But without a physical space to go to, there is little companies can do to help remedy that. Instead, companies are using flexible workspaces to offer their distributed teams the best of what it means to go to the office: the camaraderie, the in-person socialization, and the face-to-face interaction that their teams have been missing. By allowing teams to do specific individualized tasks at home, but then offering them the best parts of the “at the office” experience, they’re keeping their teams happy and engaged, which inevitably affects the company’s success positively. 

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