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How to build a mission-driven culture

How to build a mission-driven culture

Jul 13, 2022

2 mins read

Flexspace News

On a recent episode of the Teams at Work podcast, Flexspace co-founder Eyal Lasker addresses a question many leaders strive to answer: how to build a mission-driven culture. He shares his journey from basketball team captain—one of his first exposures to leadership—to becoming the top product lead at some of the world’s best companies, and now the co-founder of Flexspace.

He also discusses the essential role of difficult times in a leader’s growth journey, and how building a team differs in remote vs. in-person environments. Through personal stories, laughs, and diverse experiences, Eyal shares his perspective on the importance of leading by example and sharing the big picture with the team on a continuous basis. Being persistent can help aspiring, first-time founders succeed in their new leadership roles.

You can listen to Eyal discussing how to build a mission-driven culture on Teams at Work by BUNCH, available on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.