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Flexspace + Google Calendar: meeting people where they are

Calendars are one of the most used work apps—up there with email and Slack—because they are the single source of truth for most people’s workdays. It’s where meetings are initiated and the starting point of so many of the things we do at work. As of today the “who,” “what,” and “when,” of creating a meeting or solo work time are simple. But the “where” needed to be reinvented for a post-pandemic world.

When the pandemic hit, most of us changed the ‘where’ we meet from the traditional office to Zoom or Google Meet. Scheduling a Zoom meeting and sharing a Zoom link directly from the calendar became second nature and required a single click.

But our way of working has changed yet again. In 2022, more than 75% of remote-capable jobs are either fully remote or hybrid, according to Gallup Workplace. And, according to researchers from Stanford, the University of Chicago, and MIT, more than one-third of all remote hours are not spent in home offices, but in “third places” such as co-working spaces.

Given these changes, booking a co-working space for yourself or a team should be as easy as one-click Zoom meetings. That’s why today we are launching Flexspace’s Google Calendar integration, which allows users to search the availability of our entire network of spaces in real-time and book them directly from within Google calendar. And we’ll be adding more calendars soon.

We started Flexspace with the goal of powering the teams of the future, and we knew that meant solving the workspace problem by building a product that people will actually use and love. So, simplicity, ease-of-use, and meeting users where they are have always been at the center of our product philosophy.

We know that for many companies shifting to permanent hybrid and remote work, turning policies and strategies into reality can be challenging. The change is physical, cultural and emotional for many. That’s why we are focused on building the solutions that will help make this transition easier for companies and employees. Today that starts with Flexspace becoming integrated into your company’s operating system through calendars.

To learn how your company can start booking workspace in Google Calendar with Flexspace, get in touch with us.