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What's the future of the flexible workspace?

What’s the future of the flexible workspace?

Jul 20, 2022

2 mins read

Flexspace News

In this episode of the Tank Talks podcast, Flexspace co-founder Eyal Lasker discusses the future of the flexible workspace, and poses this important question: do we even need a physical place to build together?

As Eyal notes:

“How we organize our companies used to be a straightforward affair. You pick a place, like a humble garage, have everyone show up at that place and build your widget, and grow from there.”

But, he adds, even before the rise of the pandemic, that equation was being disrupted, and now, companies are questioning their need (and the expense of) physical office space for their employees.

Tapping into his background as Product Lead for companies like WeWork, Eyal is now helping companies answer these exact questions (and others) around growth, community, and space, as they relate to the future of work.

You can listen to Eyal discuss the future of the flexible workspace on this episode of Tank Talks. It’s available on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.