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A convenient way to find on-demand coworking spaces, wherever you are

A convenient way to find on-demand coworking spaces, wherever you are

Nov 15, 2023

3 mins read

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From traveling for business to living the digital nomad life as part of your remote team, it’s now a whole lot easier to find on-demand coworking spaces using Flexspace. This new map search feature makes searching for the best flexible workspaces near you, wherever you’re working from, super convenient. 

Now, anyone with an account on Flexspace can use this handy feature. Here’s how it works: 

In the location search box, you’ll enter any of the following:

  • A place (like the name of your hotel, for example)
  • A city
  • A specific address
  • A specific neighborhood (like “Financial District”) 

Based on any of those locations, Flexspace will show specific on-demand coworking space locations on the map based on your search. Additionally, we’ll also auto-suggest places within the proximity of your current location. 

Check out these specific use cases for this exciting new search feature: 

  1. An in-office team member is traveling to a new and needs a meeting room for an offsite meeting. They enter their hotel name “Moxy NYC” and click on “Moxy NYC East Village” to find available coworking spaces with meeting rooms close to their location. 
  2. A hybrid team member is going into the city to work with their colleagues and enters “San Francisco” to find a place for their team to work together on a Monday. 
  3. A remote team member decides to work outside of their home and wants to find on-demand coworking spaces that are close to their gym. They enter “United Barbell” and find a location on the map that’s closest to it. 

Conveniently, all of the search results will show the distance for each location. Once you find a coworking space or meeting room that you’d like to book, you can do so with just a few simple clicks. 

Whether you have a hybrid team that wants to rotate their weekly meeting space based on the location of various colleagues or you have remote team members who are traveling and need quick and easy access to coworking spaces near where they’ll be located, Flexspace can streamline your team’s coworking space booking experience so that they can focus on doing what’s most important: working productively and collaboratively with their teams. 

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